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Dad Anthony
Mom  Alex
Charlie  Sara
Johnny  Shane
Karen  Mom
Angie  Jeff
Jeff  Johnny
Kristina  Austen
Shane  Karen
Austen  Dad
Kyle  Kristina
Alex  Kyle
Anthony  Charlie
Sara  Angie



Plain zipper front sweaters (one purchased already)

OSU tshirt or sweater

Chicago Hair gift certificate




Inexpensive Jeans 38 x 29

Stretch-waist UPC 75481913102

Lowes gift cards

Home depot gift cards







Nintendo switch carry case with internal organizers,

Nintendo Switch screen protector,

Nintendo Switch Zelda game (or gift cards to Walmart, Target, or Gamestop to use towards buying it),

Mumba Nintendo Switch protective case in black, gray, or blue (kind of like a hard shell cell phone case that fits onto the console),


a couple of size 14 straight-leg jeans in dark blue (non-scratchy inside the legs), only

1-2 boy’s size 14/16 long-sleeve shirts.

If the microSD can’ be found for a reasonable price, a lower GB storage amount will still work. Tyler said he saw it online for $20 on amazon and 



SuperM Lucas album

Target Gift card

Morphe Gift card

Walmart Gift card

Barnes and Noble gift card



PINK gift card

Hollister gift card

Rue21 gift card